Website Maintainence

A natural need for Website Maintenance services has grown out of user neglect. Maintenance is often seen as a chore, but it’s extremely important. Websites, without a little extra care, can become slow, error prone and unreliable.

From a security perspective, a poorly maintained site can even become a liability. Unnecessary files and data can slow your site down. Unwanted content such as comment spam can cause you a world of hurt, consuming valuable resources and impact on your search engine rankings. Security flaws can enable attackers to use your site to commit fraud, spread malware and launch further attacks.


There are too many features to list here, so let us know if you need something else.

Testing and Update

Securrity Updates

Realtime Cloud Backup

Client Report

Security Scan And Clean Up

Core Updates

Spam and Revision Cleanup

Uptime Monitoring

Log Server Errors

Database Optimisation

Contact Form Testing

SSL Monitoring

Search Control Monitoring


Conversion Advice

Ongoing Virtual Meetings

Search Control Monitoring

Speed Tracking

Log User Action

SEO Keyword Tracking

Broken Link Monitoring

Priority Support

SEO Advice

Ecommerce Testing

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