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All our websites conform to the new SSL security standards demanded by the leading Browsers (Chrome and Firefox) as well as the Mobile Responsive Standard which ensures that the website changes its layout to fit the device that it is viewed on and the text is still readable. For added security we also install www.wordfence.com. This industry standard security plugin provides the ultimate protection available for your website.

Our sites contain the WordPress content management system so that once complete we can train you to manage and change the content

Template website solution

For a lower budget we provide a WordPress website based on our own existing templates that can be styled to match your branding. You can choose from our WordPress library templates with varying functionality. We can also replicate any sample website you provide us.

Bespoke website design and build

We provide leading edge bespoke designed, responsive websites with a full installation of the WordPress Content Management Solution (CMS)

Progressive web app (PWA)

We provide progressive web app which is basically a website with some added features which enables it to provide an app like user experience. This means it can work like a native IOS or android app. It can be installed to the home screen of your mobile device, work offline and receive push notifications.

Core features of PWA

  • It’s just a website! You don’t need to build separate apps anymore. If you have a website, you can easily turn it into and iOS and Android app as well!
  • A PWA is much smaller than a native app. Your users no longer need to install tens of megabytes of code
  • No need to get your app into the App Store or Play Store. Just share the link to your website and users can install it as an app
  • There’s no need to get users to install updates anymore. When you release a new version of your app, all your users automatically get the new version
  • By default, PWAs are served over HTTPS and are therefore safe and secure
  • PWAs are lightweight and offer high performance
  • Especially on Android, a PWA can almost do anything a native app can

Core features of websites

  • PWA Technology Included
  • SEO friendly website that you own in full of up to 1-9 pages
  • Dedicated designer personally selected to create all design work from scratch for your website (unlimited revisions)
  • Logo Creation package – we will create you a logo unless you already have one
  • Ability for you to add / delete / amend unlimited amounts of internal pages including SEO page tagging
  • Integrated content-managed image gallery including SEO image tagging
  • Powered by WordPress – Industry Trusted and Award Winning SEO friendly content management system
  • Mobile responsive – Your website will be accessible from any device – platform and browser
  • Integrated and highly secure enquiry/contact form
  • Use of trusted photography from our extensive image library
  • Social Media integration including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Administration Area – Industry Trusted WordPress Content Management System

  • Password Protected Powerful SEO Friendly Content Management System
  • Add/update/delete pages, SEO Tags, images, videos, text, charts, links and more directly to your website
  • Easily allows you to keep your site updated with fresh content – benefits your Google ranking
  • View how many visits your website receives including what keywords found your website
  • No technical expertise or knowledge of website coding required
  • Web Care Max 12 Months Free – Year 2 from £95 + vat per annum (or host with any firm of your choice).
  • High speed, UK based, secure business class hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Phone & email based tech support
  • Web Shield – Full disaster recovery for your website at no cost!
  • Web Assist – Free text/image updates for your website
  • SSL Security – The highest level of commercially available encryption
  • 1gb email hosting offering up to 10 email accounts


Also included with every website we build and vital to your website SEARCH ENGINE rank

  • SEO Plugin – Keyword optimization – Google previews – Google algorithm updates – readability check
  • Bespoke SEO Coding and friendly URLs
  • Holding Page. Start to build Google authority on your domain whilst your main site is being built
  • Mobile responsive / mobile friendly
  • Live Chat integration allowing your website visitors to chat direct with you from your website
  • A fully integrated blog all in keeping with your website design and branding
  • A dedicated SSL Key (enhanced padlock security) – we are currently the ONLY website company offering this secure feature for FREE, which is being supported by Google & Facebook
  • WP-Rocket give your website a huge additional boost of speed. Lightning fast pages so your visitors don’t get bored! Also assists your Google ranking.

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