Some highlights of our favorite projects

Allied Forces International is an education consultancy and counselling company for international students seeking to study in the UK and all over the globe.

Before deciding to work with us Allied Forces jumped around many technology providers, and they were not able to settle down with one because of either the price or experience. We were able to quickly convert their ideas into actionable mockups and after that, worked with them using an agile methodology to complete their website

Solution: Front-end development, digital transformation
Tech stack: PHP, MySQL

Life of Emerald is a coaching and mentorship business run by Kate Lee. With a global and diverse team, they run programs to elevate and enable entrepreneurs and business executives.

Life of Emerald’s business relied on having a flawless presence online. We worked with Kate quite intimately, understanding her ambition and desire to do goods and as such we designed a website that is warm and inviting.

Solution: Front-end development, CMS development
Tech stack: PHP, MySQL

Shoho is an online fundraising platform for charities, nonprofit organizations, and for the poor people in Bangladesh.

Shoho hit the market with quite the energy. As a non-profit, their budget was tight but ambitions lofty. This project was part of our CSR activities. We worked an agile methodology for Shoho to quickly get their site up and running so that they can do what they do best.

Solution: Front-end development, CMS development, Payment gateway
Tech stack: PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, AngularJS